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Brand new 2024

Raw Skills Hockey Academy will be launching our first high performance camp this summer, designed to offer a an extremely wide range of provision within hockey for our pathway players. Strictly only for county/TA/national players only.  

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What does this involve?

This is strictly for 

-County/TA/National players only

-Ages 13-16

-Players that want to work hard and use this experience to improve 

-Players that have an open mindset and good coachability 


What is involved?

We want to offer a wider rich experience preparing talented hockey players an insight of what hockey can offer as a career, what it takes to make the next step and how to look after our bodies to maximise performance. 


-Olympian Q and A with Nick Page 

-Technical masterclasses on key skill areas identified during camp

-Careers in sport presentation

-Nutrition in sport presentation

-Strength and conditioning programme each day in outstanding gym facility with one of our trained gym coaches 

-Sport psychology in big moments 


3 team 11 aside tournament



-Pre camp technical information slides sent out


What hockey learning content will be involved?

-Developing your tactical understanding at an elite level 

-High Tempo counter attacking 

-Transitioning into a back 3 and outletting systems 

-Different formations and what this looks like 

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State of the art fitness suite

The players will have a daily session with a strength and conditioning coach. 

The sessions will be bespoke to the cohort and each group. 

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