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Academy 23-24

The Academy- Based at Kent College



Our groups, timings and locations   

Each age group will be split into boys and girls, please see the

changes in times and locations.  


U8s - Kent College Pembury - Tuesday's - 5.45-6.45

U10s - Kent College Pembury - Tuesday's - 6.45-7.45

U12s- Kent College Pembury - Monday's - 5.45-6.45

U13s- Kent College Pembury - Monday's - 6.45 -7.45 

U14s- Kent College Pembury  - Monday's - 7.45-9

U16s- Kent College Pembury - Tuesday's - 7.45 - 9

Goalkeeping academy 

U10s GK - Kent College Pembury - Tuesday's - 6.45-7.45

U12s GK- Kent College Pembury - Monday's - 5.45-6.45

U13s GK- Kent College Pembury - Monday's - 6.45 -7.45 

U14s GK - Kent College Pembury  - Monday's - 7.45-9

U16s GK- Kent College Pembury - Tuesday's - 7.45 - 9


What is the academy?

A chance to join a selected group to train over 3 blocks throughout the year with elite experienced coaches. 

Our engaging coaching academy ethos offers a perfect platform for athletes wanting to take their hockey to the next level and to prepare them for England Junior representative systems for when they are older. This includes DC, JAC, Talent Academy and junior international sides for the upcoming years. 


How long does the academy go on for?

There are 3 blocks linked up with the school terms 

-Block 1 - Autumn  

-Block 2 - Spring

-Block 3 - Summer


Payment information 

-Payment to be made in 'block payments' at the start of each block  


Selection process

We host trials over a 3 week period to select 15-20 boys and 15-20 girls in each age group. Our ultimate aim is to have this number to allow elite style coaching building raw talent and progressing into achievement. We like to have a good coach to player ratio to allow that attention to detail coaching. Development groups for all become available for all the players after the trials period finishes. 


Why are we different?

-Verbal feedback appointments, more information to follow  

-Video Analysis 

-A nurturing approach for players to express themselves 

-Elite equipment including sport targets imported from Holland, crazy catches, 8 mini goals and various other pieces of equipment 

-Former international player coach and former national league players

-New performance programme for U14-16

-Running programme to engage in  

-Advanced information for 1 to 1s and masterclass sessions (that have been hard to get hold of in the past)

U14+16 performance 


Speed Testing; players will be put through a series of speed tests and look to see if they can improve on this throughout the season

Strength and conditioning programme (From Sam George and specialised Personal Trainers) 

Video Analysis; Filming from coaches throughout allowing players to gain a better understanding of tactical considerations

Experience high-pressure gameplay scenarios

11v11 Match Play; players will be divided into squads that will compete against each other throughout different sessions  

New Y1 performance kit for U14+16

75 minute session for longer duration  


What does an academy session look like?

-Raw Skills has its own technical curriculum that we follow 

-Elite technical coaching 

-Each session has a theme that we follow 

-Plenty of touches on the ball   

-Training at intensity and preparing for performance pathway



-Each child who has made selection will have the opportunity to buy:

-Y1 X Raw Skills personalised training shirt 

-Y1 X Raw Skills personalised sweater

-Y1 X Raw Skills shorts/skorts  


Potential fixtures this year

(Please note all players are not guaranteed to play and this is selection dependant)

-Indoor championships 

-Y1 championships






An insight of the academy 

Develop and unlock potential  

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