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Turning Raw Talent into success

Elite hockey camps and coaching academy




Raw Skills Hockey Academy was founded in 2021 with the vision to engage and introduce children into such a great sport. Raw Skills Hockey Academy is mainly based in the Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge area with the potential to grow. Raw skills aims to build a reputation for delivering specific, elite individual and group training sessions for players to learn and express themselves. Whether that is at School, Club, County or National level we can help players feel a sense of self-esteem and develop them to their full potential.


We offer 

-Coaching camps 

-1 to 1s

- Small group coaching 

-Junior academies 


Hockey Camps

Elite rated camps, with top class equipment and coaches.

Academy U8-U16

Train like an elite athlete and grow your potential into success.
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1 to 1 coaching 

Mini Skillers 

Technical coaching with the coach of your choice
Ages 4-10

Come and fall in love with the game! Mini day camps that are extremely fun! 

Goalie Camps  

Elite Goalkeeping camps pending... with our leading Goalkeeper coach Matt Upchurch 

Masterclass groups

Performance groups with lead coach Sam George
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Our Calendar

Keep up to date with our latest plans and events 

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